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Saturday, June 12, 2010

ab0ut me..

it's cool if u hate me. tHis is my life.i'm the one and only one. u can't cl0ne me g0tta l0t's of hater's & a l0t of h0mies! i'm n0t like other girls. i'm's t00 bad u d0n't like..because when i'm fam0us bitch u'll be the first pers0n f0rget..i have an attitude and i kn0w h0w to use it.G0d's writing my life n0t u.silly bitches h0p of my swag i am wh0 i am ur appr0val isn't needed! the shit u hear ab0ut me might be true then again it c0uld be as fake as a bitch wh0 t0ld & this is h0w it g0es.i'm g0nna respect th0se wh0 are respect me and i'll g00na f0rget th0se wh0 are f0rget me..! simple as that..

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